PHP Tip #4: Type Casting

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 5 Comments

I kinda touched on Type Casting in the second PHP tip about is_numeric(). The basic idea is that you can force a variable’s value to another type. For instance, changing a string to an integer.

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PHP Tip #2: Is_Numeric() Is A Very Useful Thing

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 4 Comments

The second in my series of PHP tips is to do with the extremely handy is_numeric(). When allowing user input it’s extremely important to check the input for attacks. The most common piece of information handed to MySQL is an ID, but novice coders can get confused with how to check the input. The main problem is that you only […]

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Installing ImageMagick & Imagick PHP Extension On Dreamhost

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 26 Comments

I have recently been installing ImageMagick on my server for use on my other site Celeb O Rama, but because I am on Dreamhost I can’t just install what I like, like you would on a server that you own. So by using the Dreamhost Wiki I installed ImageMagick, but there are no instructions on how to install Imagick. The […]

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Creating Cropped Thumbnails With ImageMagick

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 8 Comments

So you’ve just installed ImageMagick, but how do you make your thumbnails in it? Ahhh, a very good question my friend. Why Not Use Imagick? Well like my server, not all servers have the Imagick extention for PHP installed. Also I think (personal opinion, shock) the command line is a better way to use ImageMagick. Right let’s get to it.

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PHP, GD & Memory Limits Plus How To Install ImageMagick

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 7 Comments

I thought I’d make this little tid bit of a post for anyone who is interested. I was recently using GD to make an uploader, as I mentioned in the last post. Yesterday someone contacted me saying it produced an error, but the error was blank. Very odd! So I shut it down so I could do some debugging & […]

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Making & Cropping Thumbnails Square Using PHP & GD

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 39 Comments

Recently I made an image uploader for my other website & I noticed that there isn’t a lot of tutorials around on how to crop thumbnails into squares. This tutorial requires that GD is enabled in PHP, I’m not sure whether you need GD2 or not but I don’t see any reason for it not to work in older versions […]

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