Using PHP & MySQLi With A MySQL Database Part 3

/ Misc, PHP / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

This third part of explaining how to use PHP & MySQLi was inspired by ‘abr4xas’ who commented on part 2 of this tutorial. He/she asked how they would go about safely inserting data from the $_POST superglobal into one of their MySQLi queries. So here is how to do exactly that. Prepared Statements One of the best ways to use […]

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AngularJS and Laravel Shopping List Application – Part 2

/ Javascript, PHP / by Paul Robinson / 47 Comments

As promised here is the second part of building our Shopping List Application with the excellent AngularJS the JavaScript MVW framework. In this final part we are going to look at how to extend our application so that it can receive data (via JSON) from a REST based application to populate our shopping list with items. This is as opposed […]

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Cleaning Up Your Code – A Developer’s PHP Tip

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 2 Comments

Today I thought I’d give you one of my famous developers tips. All right, so they aren’t famous. Yet! I’m sure, if you are a PHP developer, you have created a loop many a time. They are useful for all sorts of things, including creating lists. Let’s take a common one. Creating a comma separated list. Does this look familiar? […]

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Creating A WordPress Plugin Using OOP Techniques

/ Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 3 Comments

Today we are going to look at how to write a WordPress plugin using Object Oriented Programming techniques. What Is OOP? Writing a plugin using OOP is basically writing your plugin as a PHP class. This can sound a little daunting at first because of the different way you have to handle functions to actions/filters. Here I’m hopefully going to […]

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Measuring The Speed Of PHP Scripts

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

It’s always useful to run speed tests on your scripts to check how fast they are running, and so that you can then measure any improvements when you are optimizing scripts. Here is how I do it, plus a few tips.

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