Writing Text On An Image With GD

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

Writing text on your images using GD is a handy ability to have. Maybe you are developing an imagehost or you have a project where you need to place text on an existing image. Whatever the reason here is how it’s done.

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Optimizing WordPress For Shared Hosting

/ PHP, Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 111 Comments

There are lots of websites hosted on shared hosting in this age, and the majority are probably running WordPress. While it’s a great application once set up with plugins it isn’t the lightest one on the block. Here we are going to look at making WordPress as shared server friendly as possible.

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PHP Basics: The Switch Statement

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 2 Comments

Today we are going back to basics with a small tutorial on how to use the PHP switch statement. They can be extremely useful, but knowing how to use them properly can save you a lot of time.

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