Adding File Caching To Your Twitter API Script

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 37 Comments

In our last tutorial we created a script to connect to the Twitter API, collect our tweets & display them in some simple paragraphs. In this part we are going to add a very important part, file caching. This will stop our script from running out of API requests.

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Connecting To Twitter API Using PHP

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 7 Comments

Showing your Twitter timeline, or even just your most recent status update, is becoming increasingly popular. Doing it on a WordPress blog is simple with plugins, but what if you want to do it on a non-WordPress website? Here’s how.

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Creating A Wikipedia Style Search

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 3 Comments

So you want to create an intelligent search for your website? By intelligent you are, of course, talking about the way Wikipedia sends you to the correct page should an exact match be found. Well you’re in luck, here is an easy way to do it using PHP & MySQLi.

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Using Timthumb with Imagemagick

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 71 Comments

Timthumb is an extremely popular thumbnail regeneration script, with built in caching. While it is an excellent script, it relies on GD which when combined with large images & a shared server is a disaster. Here is how to adapt timthumbs to work with ImageMagick.

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Match All Image Tags Using REGEX

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

While I am busy with the update of The Attached Image (which is taking a while) I thought I’d write a post about something that is commonly searched for, or so I’ve read. Matching image tags using REGEX can be difficult, but I’m here to, hopefully, make it easier.

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