Image Zoom Effect With jQuery

/ Javascript, jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 30 Comments

This is an effect I was asked to create for a website I was helping out with a day or so ago. The idea is to have the image zoom forward & become larger so users can get a better view. Ideal for e-commerce websites to show close-ups of products.

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Debugging Your Javascript Code

/ Javascript / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

When writing in Javascript (or any language for that matter) you will probably need to debug your code at some point. The usual way is to write in friendly error messages as you go, but what if the error is somewhere else?

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jQuery Pop Up Footer Version 2

/ Javascript, jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 290 Comments

A little while ago I made a tutorial explaining how to make a slide up footer that did not remove itself from document flow. After receiving a help request via email, I’ve decided to do a tutorial on how to make a footer that is removed from document flow.

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Coding Tips: jQuery Callbacks

/ jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

When learning jQuery understanding the principle behind callbacks & the elusive ‘this’ can be extremely difficult. In this little tip I hope to remove some of the difficulty from understanding these useful principles.

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jQuery Snippet: Slideout Tab

/ jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 57 Comments

A fairly common sight in these modern times of social networking is the famous Twitter tab. This is a tab that floats on the left or right hand side of your browser window & follows you. Here is how to go slightly further than that by making it slide out.

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