Using jFlow In Your WordPress Theme

/ jQuery, Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 24 Comments

jFlow is a powerful jQuery plugin used to generate featured slide areas in websites. They are brilliant for featuring important articles in your blog, but integrating it into WordPress can be tricky. This tutorial will explain how to take the difficulty out of it.

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How To: jQuery Autocomplete

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 78 Comments

Basically people keep asking me how to write the query for the jQuery autocomplete plugin by So I thought I should finally get round to showing how to do it.

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/ jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

So that website has a new feature that they have coined the highlighter, very original. It is quite impressive though. It allows you to highlight all the rows that match a certain criteria. Seeing as is a insurance comparison website it would allow you to highlight the insurers that will give you no claims discount or other such […]

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Simple jQuery Tutorial – Hiding A Box Of Content

/ jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 12 Comments

So continuing on with my simple tutorials for people who are just learning to code. Here is a simple jQuery tutorial that will show you how to make the classic box that hides content when a button is clicked, but with a fancy sliding animation. Now if you have experience with jQuery you may say: “Well Paul there is already […]

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Using jQuery To Make The Classic Typewriter Effect

/ jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 10 Comments

Ok, so it’s an old effect that has been done in javascript probably a million times, but I’ve seen it used on a few sites quite effectively. By typewriter effect I mean the sentence types itself onto the screen rather than just appearing. It’s really simple to do so let’s get going. If you want to follow along you’ll need […]

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