4 Simple SEO Optimization Tips

/ Misc / by Ry Ryan / 7 Comments

Time for another guest post. This time we have a guest post from SEO consultant Ry Ryan giving 4 simple tips that might just improve your Search Engine ranking.

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Using Multiple Search Forms In WordPress

/ Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 23 Comments

Luichy commented on a post recently asking if it was possible to have multiple search forms in WordPress that search different things. Well, yes it is. However it’s a little large to put in a comment so here is a post explaining what to do.

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Creating A Wikipedia Style Search

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 3 Comments

So you want to create an intelligent search for your website? By intelligent you are, of course, talking about the way Wikipedia sends you to the correct page should an exact match be found. Well you’re in luck, here is an easy way to do it using PHP & MySQLi.

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