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This post was published back on February 21, 2017 and may be outdated. Please use caution when following older tutorials or using older code. After reading be sure to check for newer procedures or updates to code.

That’s right. The new Zazzle Plugin for WordPress, which I have decided to name ZPress (pronounced Zed Press), will be out in just a short few weeks. Sooner if I can find the time between working.

I have tried to keep as many features from the original Z Store plugin as possible, while improving the efficiency of the code, removing the need to rely on the (now) very old Zazzle Store Builder script, and adding some new features.

Returning Features

Some returning features are choosing the background color for the products returned from Zazzle, all of the standard filtering tools such as Zazzle store name, product type and keywords. Basically all of the functionality you might expect, but coded in a more efficient way.

New Features

You can now show products from Zazzle collections. You can also customize the way your products are displayed till your heart’s content with the new custom template field. You can style things in a more advanced way too using custom CSS. Don’t worry if you don’t want to use those though, it will work just fine by taking on your theme’s default styling.

Note: I cannot guarantee your theme will not make the styling (font size, color, line height, etc) of the products look odd by default, it is all down to the your theme. However any decently coded theme should style them in a reasonably pleasing way. Layout will always be fine as the plugin controls that.

When Can I Get It?

ZPress will be released within the next 2 weeks. I am hoping to release it next week, but it will all depend on my normal work.

Is It Free?

Sadly, it is not. I have decided to charge £10 for the plugin. I’ve had to take some time out from smaller paying work to code it, and as such I decided to charge a small amount for it. I will be using Gumroad to sell it which I have had a good experience with in the past. I am also open to taking Bitcoin, but haven’t yet looked into that.

Is It Backward Compatible With ZStore?

The plugin is not backward compatible with the old Zazzle plugin, ZStore. Don’t panic though! I am releasing a script that will convert your old ZStore shortcode to the new shortcode. It will be packaged with the plugin but will also be downloadable separately completely free of charge in case you want to test out the converter before purchasing the main plugin.

The plugin will not be released until the converter script is ready as I know a fair amount of people who still use the old ZStore plugin are considering looking at this one.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or anything like that please leave a comment and I’ll look into it. Please note though that Zazzle’s feed is pretty restrictive and as such I can only do so much with the data they provide so I apologise in advance if I’m unable to implement your request.

Thank you to Lisa-Marie for creating the logo for the ZPress plugin.


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Hi – thank you for creating this!! I bought Zstore Helper – Premium Edition – do I then get this for free or reduced? Or need to buy it fresh.

Sounds great!! Thank you! ~ Diane Clancy

Author’s gravatar author

Hi Diane,

Thank you.

Sadly the Premium version of the ZStore plugin was managed by someone else and I’m no longer in contact with them. As such I would have no way to confirm who actually bought a copy of that plugin and so I’m unable to offer a discount.

Some good news though is that I am planning on having a special launch discount code that will give a discount during the first week so please do look out for that.

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Thank you, Paul …. I understand. I could take a screen shot of my plugin there … but I get that could get wacky.

I would like to buy it because I have a site that uses this type of stuff
[zstore contributorhandle=”amandarainlapaglia”]
all over – dozens of pages … so I would like to have that work again. I am hoping the tool you have for transition will work for me (need a tester?) 🙂

How can I make sure that I will get the notice since I do want to get it. Thank you again!! ~ Diane Clancy

Admin Edit: Added some code tags around the code to neaten up the comment a little. 🙂

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Haha, yes indeed. I just meant that I would need access to a list of purchasers as since there is no protection in the ZStore Premium plugin it could have been shared around. As such I can’t prove who did actually buy it originally. That’s mainly why I’m making the first week discount code to give those, like yourself, who bought the original premium plugin a discount.

Well the plugin is pretty much complete. The documentation just needs a few tweaks. I’m currently working on the conversion script. It will be a separate plugin so you can download and try it before purchasing the plugin if you like.

I’ll be making a blog post once it is released so you can keep an eye on the blog. I should have a mailing list or something. 🙂

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Thank you, Paul!! I am eager to get my items back into my site (mine and friends). 🙂 ~ Diane

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Hi Diane,

No problem. Just a note that I had planned to release this last week but had a few teething issues with the converter plugin. All solved now though and both the converter and main plugin will be out later this week.

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