VIPRE Antivirus – The New AV On The Block

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What Is It?

VIPRE Antivirus is a new Antivirus Software from Sunbelt Software. It is lightweight, fast, and also works as an antispyware software.

Why Is It Different?

As I said it has built in antispyware which is already a huge plus, but it also runs in the background protecting your PC using Active & Email Protection. It always has up-to-date definitions & it even has a cool worldwide threat level indicator. More importantly though it doesn’t slow down your computer, I am testing it out on my old Intel M 1.4Ghz laptop & it hasn’t slowed it down even a little bit.


Yeah. You can try it out for yourself VIPRE currently has a 15 day fully working trial available now at So go on give it a try.

This post is sponsored by: VIPRE Antivirus/Sunbelt Software

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