Another WordPress Handy Tip

WordPress Tip: Do Not Use Init For Rewrite Rule Flushing

/ Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

Today I have a quick tip I want to share with everyone about rewrite rules in WordPress. WordPress is awesome. It has a nice, fairly easy to use rewrite system. You can use it to add your own rewrite rules and do all sorts of awesome things using a plugin. A lot of new developers also forget they are integral […]

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Cleaning Up Your Code – A Developer’s PHP Tip

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 2 Comments

Today I thought I’d give you one of my famous developers tips. All right, so they aren’t famous. Yet! I’m sure, if you are a PHP developer, you have created a loop many a time. They are useful for all sorts of things, including creating lists. Let’s take a common one. Creating a comma separated list. Does this look familiar? […]

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