Fill MySQL Table With Data From CSV

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It’s probably been in every PHP ‘test’ going and is a very commonly asked question, but it’s something I’ve never covered here at Return True before. So what exactly is the best way to insert data into a MySQL table from a CSV file? Well I can’t say these are the best ways, but here are two ways I’ve come […]

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Using PHP & MySQLi With A MySQL Database Part 3

/ Misc, PHP / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

This third part of explaining how to use PHP & MySQLi was inspired by ‘abr4xas’ who commented on part 2 of this tutorial. He/she asked how they would go about safely inserting data from the $_POST superglobal into one of their MySQLi queries. So here is how to do exactly that. Prepared Statements One of the best ways to use […]

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Using Triggers in MySQL

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A tricky subject I came across recently was how to use Triggers in a MySQL database. I always stayed away from them as I thought they were difficult to work with, but it turns out they are much easier than I expected.

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MySQL: Many To Many Relationships

/ Misc / by Paul Robinson / 7 Comments

A fairly difficult subject to approach in MySQL is Many to Many relationships. The queries can be complicated and the data sets huge, but as it seems to be covered by tutorials very little I thought I’d have a shot a writing a tutorial about it.

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