jQuery Tabs Script With HTML 5 History (PushState)

/ jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 4 Comments

You can find quite a few jQuery tabs scripts around the web, including jQuery’s own tabs. However I thought I’d do a little tutorial showing how to build your own, and how to include support for the HTML 5 history system (AKA: PushState). Important Note This tutorial will probably get a little complicated. It involves using the HTML 5 history […]

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HTML 5 File API Features

/ HTML, Javascript / by Paul Robinson / 9 Comments

With HTML 5 becoming increasingly popular out in the wild, I thought it was time we looked at some of the interesting API features that have been introduced as part of the HTML 5 specification. First let’s look at the File API.

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A Quick Look At HTML 5

/ HTML / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

Today we are going to have a quick look at HTML 5. HTML 5 comes with a lot of improvements over XHTML 1.1 including quite a few very useful tags that replace the massive number of <div> tags we use when building a website.

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