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That’s right. If you are a user of the Print On Demand website Zazzle, and you have your own website powered by WordPress you may have heard of a plugin called ZStore. That plugin was originally meant as a quick way to allow Zazzle users with a WordPress website to quickly show their products on their blog by creating a bridge between the Zazzle Store Builder script that Zazzle provided and WordPress as the script didn’t like WordPress without some sort of intermediary.

The ZStore plugin is very old now, and Zazzle no longer seem to support the Zazzle Store Builder script (to my knowledge at least). With that in mind various members of the Zazzle community have asked me to create a new plugin, but time has been difficult to find and creating a plugin that parses XML (with NS elements) without going mad is pretty difficult.

With that said I have decided to suck it up and build a new plugin. In fact it is working (as you can see in the post header image). It has a new and improved admin panel, it is Class based so keeps things easy to maintain and hopefully a lot faster, and I’m currently thinking about a customizable styling and templating system for those who need advanced options.

Now for the other news, possibly bad in some eyes. This plugin will be premium, in that it will be a paid plugin. I am probably going to charge around £10 for it (about $12 unless the £ has gained % again).

Note that I will not have any key system or protection in the plugin as it is expensive to implement and a royal pain to keep running. That means you can pass the plugin around and I can’t do anything to stop you. That being said it takes time, electricity, and time out from paying work to make plugins like this. So if you do receive a free copy of the plugin and you use it, please consider buying your own copy. Unlike corporate companies that should know better I honestly don’t mind people passing the plugin around provided you contribute in some way.

That’s all for now. I’ll get back to work on the plugin and I hope to release it very soon. Also please let me know if you have a preferred payment option? I haven’t set upon a shop system, I was thinking of Gumroad that way it is simple to setup, simple for you to use and I can avoid having to do VAT MOSS (Yay, taxes!).


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I’m glad to hear this news! It’s been long over due and I appreciate you taking on the task. I’ll gladly pay for a working plugin. Mobile friendly?

Thanks again and keep up the good work!


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Hi Ray,

Yes, definitely long overdue. Honestly it’s finding the time to do it. More than ever I’ve had to keep up with paid work due to the UK going full ‘leave the EU’ mode… Anyway, that’s politics and I’m trying to avoid let my self talk about it because it just ends up making my blood boil.

Flexbox is very easy to make mobile friendly and the plugin will come with default CSS that will allow it to work on mobiles regardless of if you choose to keep Flexbox enabled. That being said there will always be edge cases and exceptions where it won’t work correctly, but it should always work to some extent, or at the very least give a starting point that can be tweaked.

One thing is I’m trying to decide if Flexbox should be enabled by default. Around 97% of today’s global browser usage (according to can use it so I was thinking of having it enabled by default with the option to disable it for those that might need classic browser support.

Edit: Apparently I can’t string sentences together today… Fixed some nonsensical sentences.

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Ooooooh Finally! There are NO proper Zazzle plugins at the moment out there! This is sooooo much a needed plugin! Please work on it for us! :)))) Thanks a lot! 🙂

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Thank you Paul Robinson! 🙂 I have just bought it I hope it will work out for me :)))) thanks for your work! 🙂

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Thank you for purchasing Katalin.

Please do let me know if you have any trouble, either via here or emailing via the contact form.

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