Creating A Wine Glass With Splines In Cinema 4D

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This post was published back on March 16, 2010 and may be outdated. Please use caution when following older tutorials or using older code. After reading be sure to check for newer procedures or updates to code.

In my very first video tutorial I thought I would go all different & do a tutorial for a 3d application, namely Cinema 4D. I am still learning myself, but thought I would do a starter tutorial. It also gives me a great opportunity to practice my communication skills. I am from Geordie land (think Cheryl Cole) so apologies if I am a little hard to understand & the voice track came out a little quieter than I’d hoped, unfortunately I can’t amplify it much as it distorts it too much.

Also I know the wine glass I make ends up slightly low poly going across so if you are going to use it somewhere you might want to make sure you add a few more spline points when going around the bowl of the glass. Let me know if I can do anything to improve the quality of the video tutorials, remember this is my first one ever so be kind. 😉

Here is a much better version of a final result. It’s not the best, but it illustrates what you could end up with. I added a omni light with shadow maps, a spot light with shadow maps, a HDRI map of a photography studio & some wine created with realflow 4. I’ll see if I can make a tutorial on that soon.


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Thank you sir. I have learnt sooo much from this one tutorial. Merry Christmas.

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No worries, and a very Merry Christmas to you too. 🙂

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Very nice tutorial! (I know this is cliche, but…) as an American, I actually rather enjoyed your accent, so no worries there! Oh, and I enjoyed the first few seconds of the video perhaps the most… gotta love Yvonne 😀

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Thank you.

Haha, thank you. We just read in the press a lot (over here anyway) that the Geordie accent is hard to understand. Personally I think rubbish and it’s easy, although I must admit my accent isn’t full on Geordie as I’m from outside Newcastle. 😆

Anyway, thank you for the compliment, and yes, gotta love Yvonne. 😉

Oh on a side note I will be doing some more video & written tutorials very soon, been on a Christmas hiatus. If you have any requests on any coding language or 3Ds Max (I don’t really use Cinema much anymore) let me know here or via Twitter (if you use it). 🙂

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As an absolute beginner this is the best tutorial I have found to get me going. I still haven’t got my head around the spline tool, it doesn’t seem to work in the same way as Illustrator/Photoshop as I cannot figure out how to join two splines together. But I will look out for other tutorials.

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Thanks William.

Sadly I don’t have time to use Cinema any more. It was a hobby, and unfortunately it’s taken a back seat to my work. Hope you find the answers to your other questions though. 😉

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