Oh No My Computer Has Died!

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Don’t Panic! As the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy said the first thing to do is to not panic. If you don’t calm yourself down, you can’t do anything if you’re in that frame of mind, you’ll only go and break something else.

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Storing Multiple Items In One MySQL Field

/ Misc / by Paul Robinson / 4 Comments

A little while ago I posted about storing more than one piece of information in a MySQL table field. This can help with storing arrays of data that do not need to be included in a relationship. Anyway the trick here is to first place the information you want to store in your MySQL table into an array, so let’s […]

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Storing IP Address Data In A MySQL Database

/ Misc / by Paul Robinson / 6 Comments

Today we are going to take a look at one of the most efficient ways to store IP addresses in a MySQL database. You may think that you would store an IP address as a VARCHAR(15) field and you could, but this is not the most efficient way to store IPs. Instead you could use an INT. Please remember though […]

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Starting Out With Codeigniter Part 1

/ Misc / by Paul Robinson / 5 Comments

I have recently started using Codeigniter, and found it to be an incredibly powerful framework. Some people argue that lazy people use frameworks, but personally I think it stops you from having to re-invent the wheel everytime you start a new project. Getting Codeigniter The only place I advise you get Codeigniter from is the official Codeigniter website. Also while […]

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