Delete Row Animation WordPress Style In jQuery

/ jQuery, Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

Ok, so I don’t want to act like I’m copying or anything, but a few people asked me recently how to make an animation like WordPress has when it deletes a row in it’s tables. Well in Mootools it can be acheved by following this great tutorial by David Walsh. However I was asked how to do it in jQuery. […]

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Simple jQuery Tutorial – Hiding A Box Of Content

/ jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 12 Comments

So continuing on with my simple tutorials for people who are just learning to code. Here is a simple jQuery tutorial that will show you how to make the classic box that hides content when a button is clicked, but with a fancy sliding animation. Now if you have experience with jQuery you may say: “Well Paul there is already […]

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Using jQuery To Make The Classic Typewriter Effect

/ jQuery / by Paul Robinson / 10 Comments

Ok, so it’s an old effect that has been done in javascript probably a million times, but I’ve seen it used on a few sites quite effectively. By typewriter effect I mean the sentence types itself onto the screen rather than just appearing. It’s really simple to do so let’s get going. If you want to follow along you’ll need […]

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