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This post was published back on July 5, 2017 and may be outdated. Please use caution when following older tutorials or using older code. After reading be sure to check for newer procedures or updates to code.

It is finally here! Return True has a new look, and with it I am now offering my web development services in a more sensible way.

I have always offered web development services and felt it was time to adjust Return True’s focus to featuring those services in a better way. If you regularly visit for the tutorials I write, please don’t worry. I’ll still be writing tutorials as, and when, I can. However from today onward I will be also posting news, and various other articles in relation to my work or events/developments in the world of web development.

I am now also offering WordPress Maintenance services. I have offered these services to clients I have worked with for coding services for a little while, but have decided to open it up to anyone looking specifically for WordPress Maintenance. If you are interested please take a look at the WordPress Maintenance page to find out more, you even get a multi site discount if you have more than one website you’d like me to look after.

There are still some more things to come in the future. I am creating a WordPress Knowledge Base. It will include simple collection of tutorials on how to do various tasks within WordPress. From creating a custom page template to adding a custom post loop. It is aimed at developers starting out with WordPress that would like to learn some of the tricks of the trade.

There are also still minor styling tweaks to be completed and some things to be added. Please feel free to let me know via the comments if you have noticed anything in the new theme that looks incorrect.

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