Using Timthumb with Imagemagick

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 71 Comments

Timthumb is an extremely popular thumbnail regeneration script, with built in caching. While it is an excellent script, it relies on GD which when combined with large images & a shared server is a disaster. Here is how to adapt timthumbs to work with ImageMagick.

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Adding Annotation To Cropped Thumbnails Using ImageMagick

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 0 comments

You’ve probably seen them before, generally done by imagehosters. Yep, that’s them. The little thumbnails with the resolution & file size written in them. Well I’m going to show you how to make them using ImageMagick & PHP. If you don’t have ImageMagick you can find out how to install it in my previous tutorial here. Just ignore the part […]

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Creating Cropped Thumbnails With ImageMagick

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 8 Comments

So you’ve just installed ImageMagick, but how do you make your thumbnails in it? Ahhh, a very good question my friend. Why Not Use Imagick? Well like my server, not all servers have the Imagick extention for PHP installed. Also I think (personal opinion, shock) the command line is a better way to use ImageMagick. Right let’s get to it.

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