Optimizing WordPress For Shared Hosting

/ PHP, Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 111 Comments

There are lots of websites hosted on shared hosting in this age, and the majority are probably running WordPress. While it’s a great application once set up with plugins it isn’t the lightest one on the block. Here we are going to look at making WordPress as shared server friendly as possible.

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Category Based Related Posts For WordPress

/ Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 9 Comments

A great idea for some WordPress blogs is to have a related posts widget. However they generally require a plugin to work & too many plugins can slow down even the leanest (and most optimized) WordPress blog. Here is a great alternative to using a plugin.

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How To Use The HTML 5 Video Element

/ HTML / by Paul Robinson / 2 Comments

If you are a fan of watching online videos you may, or may not, know that nearly all videos on the web are played using a video player that runs using the Adobe Flash plugin. While this has always been ok, it is still a plugin & native support for playing videos would be a lot better.

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PHP Basics: The Switch Statement

/ PHP / by Paul Robinson / 2 Comments

Today we are going back to basics with a small tutorial on how to use the PHP switch statement. They can be extremely useful, but knowing how to use them properly can save you a lot of time.

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CSS 3: Custom Fonts Using @font-face

/ CSS / by Paul Robinson / 23 Comments

One of the new and exciting features I’m loving in CSS is the ability to include custom fonts in your website. The best thing about it is that it’s all done in browser. In this post we are going to look at this exciting new feature.

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CSS 3: Gradient Generation In Browser

/ CSS / by Paul Robinson / 4 Comments

Gradients are part and parcel of web design these days. Even subtle ones can be used to make a flat color look that little bit more exciting. The problem has always been creating them required a graphics program & repeats are a pain, but now you can generate them in browser.

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