MySQL: Many To Many Relationships

/ Misc / by Paul Robinson / 7 Comments

A fairly difficult subject to approach in MySQL is Many to Many relationships. The queries can be complicated and the data sets huge, but as it seems to be covered by tutorials very little I thought I’d have a shot a writing a tutorial about it.

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Using Multiple Search Forms In WordPress

/ Wordpress / by Paul Robinson / 23 Comments

Luichy commented on a post recently asking if it was possible to have multiple search forms in WordPress that search different things. Well, yes it is. However it’s a little large to put in a comment so here is a post explaining what to do.

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HTML 5 File API Features

/ HTML, Javascript / by Paul Robinson / 9 Comments

With HTML 5 becoming increasingly popular out in the wild, I thought it was time we looked at some of the interesting API features that have been introduced as part of the HTML 5 specification. First let’s look at the File API.

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