Thank You For Choosing Zed Press

Zed Press is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to show your, or other store's, products on your WordPress based website.


Zed Press is slightly different to install from normal plugins as it is a premium plugin and is therefore not listed on the WordPress plugin directory. Don't worry though, installation is still simple. Titan Press is no longer required to use Zed Press as of version 1.3. You will be asked to install this from the WordPress Plugin Directory after activating Zed Press.

  • Download the zip file you gain access to after purchasing.
  • Unzip this file to somewhere on your computer. It will contain two ZIP files. One is the Zed Press Converter for those who used the old Z Store plugin. The other is the Zed Press plugin.
  • Log into your WordPress website and go to Plugins -> Add New via the menu.
  • Click the 'Upload Plugin' button at the top of the page.
  • Press the 'Choose File' button and select the zip file you downloaded.
  • Press the 'Install Now' button.
  • Activate the plugin as normal.
  • You will be asked to install 'Titan Framework' if you do not already have it. Install it and then Zed Press is ready to go.


Zed Press is pretty much ready to go straight away. One thing I always recommend though is to go to the options page available in the main 'Settings' menu of the WordPress admin and click 'save'. This is to make sure the default options are saved. You can also change any default options you would like while there.


To use Zed Press you will need to use Shortcodes. The shortcode for the Zed Press plugin is:


If you use the Visual editor you can now just click the 'Z' icon on the editor toolbar. This will help you create your shortcode. If you prefer to make your shortcodes manually or would like to learn more, read on or visit the Shortcode page.

There are no required attributes to the shortcode. Using the shortcode as above will show results from the public marketplace. However the two main shortcode attributes that are normally used would be:

  • store_name to display the products from a particular store.
  • collection to display the products from a collection.

For example if I wanted to show the products from the store 'Lisa Marie Art & Illustration' I would use:

[zedpress store_name="lisamarieart"]

If I wanted to show the 'The best selling products' collection by Meraki Designs I would use:

[zedpress collection="119954535304757513"]

Check out the shortcode page for more details on what attributes are available in the shortcode and how to find the number to show collections.